In order to meet retailer and consumer demand, Pipe-Light Inc. has introduced exciting new packaging, added a product to its line and made trailer towing easier at night. The company manufactures Pipe-Lights™, which attach to existing boat trailer guides to improve visibility and safety.

Helping retailers sell product, Pipe-Light has created dynamic packaging. Heavy-duty clampacks include full color inserts with product photos and features for a complete presentation.

Pipe-Light has also introduced #1025 Backup Lights. The 6" oval, white incandescent, sealed lights are grommet mounted into the patented Pipe-Light housing, making them easy to insert onto 2" PVC guides. The Backup Lights include 10' wire leads and all necessary clips and connectors. Because the lights do not submerge in the water, they will not rust or corrode like traditional options, resulting in longer service life and more dependable lighting.

Amber reflector strips facing the tow vehicle have been added to all Pipe-Lights. With the Amber Locator Reflector, vehicle operators are able to see the position of the trailer when backing up at night and determine how deep the trailer is submersed.

Pipe-Light owner Barry Colbert is enthusiastic about the sales success in 2005. "Our market penetration is due to customers being excited about our products," he said. "We're grateful for the support of our customers and do everything we can to aid them in selling our product."

These improvements are offered at no additional cost, as Pipe-Light management is determined to hold current prices for the entire 2005-2006 season. The changes and product additions will be available by October 1, 2005 .

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