About Us

Pipe-Light, Inc. is the result of 25 years of industrial electrical experience. I have always strived to make any product, job or any experience as simple and pleasurable as possible. During many years of fishing and boating, the one thing that has always stood out to me was that boat trailer lights don't last! Every spring I would start out the same way, buying a new pair of lights, and by the middle of summer one would be burned out, or the fuse would blow. Usually the bulb socket would rust out. I would have to purchase a new pair of lights because they don't sell them as singles. So every year I would purchase 2 pair of boat trailer lights. Finally, after moving to Florida, I noticed fishermen mounting their lights on the boat trailer guide posts. Great idea, but an eyesore to say the least. With my background as an electrician, I remembered using 2-inch C condulet while running fiber optic cables for the Du Pont Co. I started thinking, if I could get a 60 series light to fit into the opening and turn the light vertical, I could mount it on the boat trailer guide posts. So I made a prototype and the rest is history.

I hope that this light will take away the annual purchase of trailer lights. The 60 series light is a popular light found on trucks, busses, semis, and bass boat trailers. They are available in many places, truck stops, auto part stores, department stores, etc. With all the advantages, how could I not follow through and offer a great product to all fishermen.

Thank you for your business,
Pipe-Light, Inc.